How Do I Feel?


Wilson writers share their thoughts on the results of this presidential election:

Aniya Hall:

I feel as though this is a bad dream.

Taina Jimenez:

It feels like a crushing weather of stormy sadness. 

Justin Alicea:

This makes me feel like we failed as a nation.

Isaiah Santana:

 I feel that Trump is not fit for office. First, he is a horrible man. He had the nerve to say that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue in broad daylight and still wouldn’t lose any votes, and he had the audacity to make fun of a crippled man on live television. And he has no political background. He’s just a money man. Does that mean I can get a job in engineering with no experience? 

Sahara Colon:

He wants to make America great again by taking the little bit we have now.

Jeffrey Ventura:

From what I’ve lived, I don’t know what a Republican government does for America. But I know it’s a white world once again, and the people with power are selfish and corrupt.

Leyla Sepulveda:

I will never be happy with the United States of America ever again. They’ve elected the rudest president. As a whole, we need to move together, become stronger. Show Trump and his people that we’re not just bilinguals, gays, trans, etc. We’re people and our rights need to be acknowledged. To overcome these trials, we must depend on one another for support and encouragement.

Paula Diaz:

As a Mexican-American, being accused of being Donald Trump’s main hated race, how do I feel? It’s hard to say. Mostly it doesn’t phase me. But on the other hand, I am worried for some of my peers, knowing that if they get disrespected by racist people, since they can’t really speak English, they can’t defend themselves. Being Mexican is a privilege. I love my heritage. We are not criminals, we are not rapists, we are not thieves. I love marshmallows, for God’s sake. My heart is super soft. One thing I hope doesn’t happen to me is being blamed for whatever the new president of America labels me.

Jairo Ramos:

I didn’t want him to win, but it is what it is. I’m going to continue doing what I’m doing to get where I need to be later in life. That’s how I am dealing with this election.

Creative Writing

Criticized, by Erica Steer

Stereotypes about Camden,  erica-steer

like a disease that can’t be cured,

but to me they’re just myths that no one ever explored.

A place filled with homeless drug addicts is what they see

but to me it’s a city molded differently.

Criticizing something you’ve never even seen,

but just by the evidence from a small TV screen.


If I were to say all Caucasian people supports racism,

then that would make me

the angry black girl from Camden with no home training,

the angry black girl from Camden that cannot handle

the truth.


Where I’m from, if you don’t live there you can’t

describe it, but if I said I can describe where you are from,

then I would be the angry black girl from Camden that knows places

that she has never even seen.

Fifteen-year-old Erica Steer participates in various sports such as tennis, track and field, also managing a volleyball team. She enjoys taking part in the (JROTC) Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, volunteering, donating to the Ronald McDonald House, mentoring young citizens, reading poems and stories, and writing her own, so she can express her feelings without having any regrets.


Wilson Wisdom


Enjoy these bits of totally original student inspiration and growth mindset advice!

“Without mistakes, you’ll never know the great things you can do.” Leyla Sepulveda

“When making your own path, you stumble on a few boulders. It’s up to you to keep going.” Jermar Makins

“Greatness is an opportunity waiting to be collected.” Hector Sierra

“Own up to what your job is and do it like no one has ever done it before.” Ranaye Powell

“You have a mind of your own. Use it!” Marlena Wyckoff

“Work hard in silence and let success make the noise.” Xavier Rivera

“Be ambitious with your success. The more you want, the more you will get!” Johana Abril

“When you put on makeup and mess up, what do you do? You wipe it off and do it better next time.” Dezarae Santiago