Stormy Love, by April Shaw

Beat of my heart,

Strong bangs of thunder,

Love pours in like the flooding

Rain overflowing the ocean

The white sand resembles my smile

Stare at it too long you could possibly go blind.


Makeup is pretty

But moving in your own skin makes you

more of a woman,


A tangled mystery waiting to be explored

My Stormy Love, My Stormy Love

This is my story.



April Shaw is an eighteen year old who’s sporty, challenging and competitive. Tennis and track and field are her main sports. She takes her education and ambition seriously, always with her successful destination in mind.



Strong, by Erica Steer

My skin’s richness

Is so strong, it resembles my mom’s,

The temple that carried me for nine months,

She’s so strong.

So strong she made it through bad wishers, who left her heartbroken with blisters.

She’s so strong discrimination ain’t no intimidation.

She’s so strong.

Both her shoulders carry the weight of police brutality, our long history of  agony, low salary, and our kind dying rapidly.

She’s so strong.

Hate crimes ringing in her ear, like the old wind chimes that my gram gram threw away about twenty times Recurring again and again.

The hate of the white man happened then and again.

First it was slavery, then trying to blind us with their fakery.

Now our lives they take crazily, playfully, with no mercy.

But don’t worry.

My mom will be there in a hurry, with her head held high, praying to the most high, fighting for freedom with no fear. Like a wrestler she fights racial hate, with lion-strong faith.

She’s so strong.

So strong

so strong


Fifteen-year-old Erica Steer participates in various sports such as tennis, track and field, also managing a volleyball team. She enjoys taking part in the (JROTC) Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, volunteering, donating to the Ronald McDonald House, mentoring young citizens, reading poems and stories, and writing her own, so she can express her feelings without having any regrets.





Inspired by Langston Hughes, students offer their own takes on dreaming:


By Imani Stokes

Do you believe in dreams?

I do!

Dreams are like tattoos

Cause they’re stuck with you forever.

Dreams can make or break you,

Dreams can take you away,

Or take you to the next level!


Be a Dream Chaser

By Hydir Moore


Dreams are reality, they come true

Dream chasing every day like the sky is blue

Ceasing to dream could be a nightmare,

Without me dreaming I could stress and lose hair

I’m a kid who trying to make it out the hood,

One day if I keep dream chasing I could make it

To Hollywood. In the world where it’s very cold

I got big dreams yeah I’m that bold,

Dreamchasing like Bolt,

One day I’ll be an Indy Colt.


Dreams, by Stephanie Orbe


Sleepless nights, eyes puffy and sore

Stayin’ up late,


Tryna get the perfect score


Why do I do it?

Heaven knows.

I gotta be better

I can’t be like those


Meanwhile my eyes are

As dark as a black hole

My brain has so much info,

It’s gonna explode


My body’s a mountain,

My eyes are lakes,

But it’s okay,

It’ll all be worth it,

I’ve finally learned

From my mistakes.




If Twitter Was Around During the Salem Witch Trials…#StopTheGames1K692


If social media existed back in late 1600’s, what sorts of posts might we see from the residents of Salem, Massachusetts? Here are some tweets and posts based on the reading of THE CRUCIBLE by Arthur Miller:


MARY WARREN: The girls! They’re playing games! #StopTheGames1K692 (Ranaye Powell)

TITUBA: Where is the devil when you need him? (Adriana Amador-Chacon)

REVEREND HALE: These people know nothing of truth, if they believe such lies! (De’Asia David)

ABIGAIL: Got on the ship before they found out. #CloseOne (Minh Le)

JOHN PROCTOR: I hate liars! #StopAbby1692 (Paula Diaz)

I’m getting sick of this! #GodIsDead (Lian Richardson)

#FakeWitchcraft (Sahara Colon)

REVEREND PARRIS: What kind of Christian goes to church once a month?? (Dion Mack)

GILES COREY: They came and took away my wife while she was readin’ books! #GiveHerBack (Ranaye Powell)

JUDGE HATHORNE: Promotion coming up. Ayeeeee! #BostonJudgeIncoming (Lian Richardson)

Creative Writing

No Bitterness: A Holiday Song

Students worked in groups to put together the following original song for the holidays — for many of them, a very first attempt at a rap!



Period 8 Rap: By Paula Diaz, Shantel Rodriguez, Erica Steer and Victor Garcia:

It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas, no bitterness

around the world,

to all the little boys and girls

no bitterness around the world.


Christmas, Christmas,

oh such sport,

our food, we eat it

with a fork,

but I eat it with a spoon,

all while staring at the moon,

ice cream and cookies,

watching Christmas movies,

and drinking Christmas smoothies,

while chilling with my groupies,

as they cook me some sushi,

and the kids on snapchat acting goofy.

It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas, no bitterness

around the world,

to all the little boys and girls

no bitterness around the world.



BRAVERY, An Original Creation Myth, by Isaiah Santana

In a place where night was day and day was night there was a man named Poseidon and a woman named Eve. They were a married couple. Eve and Poseidon lived on a cloud above the waters and above the strange land that was forbidden. One day Eve was wandering through the forest and she stumbled across a strange but very beautiful flower. The flower had a purplish stem and the petals were pink with white polka dots Eve was very curious, so she touched the flower. Eve went home feeling sick. Poseidon told Eve to rest up. But the next morning she woke up feeling nauseous. Three months passed and her stomach was extremely big and hard. Poseidon was very confused.

Six months passed and Eve gave birth to four children: one girl and three boys. Poseidon named the daughter Nati which means “nature” in Haitian Creole. He named the three boys Zeus, Luis and Jeremy. Poseidon was so scared because he didn’t know how these childrens came out of Eve and he didn’t know what to do with them. So he sent all four of his childrens to the forbidden land below. Years later they grew into mature adults, well, all four of them except Jeremy. Jeremy was very evil. He created the evil in this world: he created volcanoes, demons, thorns and man-eating animals. Nati created the beauty in the world. She created the sunset and all the beautiful plants, like the magnolia flower. Zeus and Luis ended up creating the good in the world too: friendly animals and edible plants, for example, even as the evil brother Jeremy kept creating things like poison ivy and plants that are non-edible.

Poseidon was ashamed of Jeremy. Poseidon treated him like garbage. And so Jeremy created an enormous creature to destroy his father. The creature was very tall, very slimy. The creature’s face was lopsided and the skin was very tough. Zeus eventually found out his brother’s plans and confronted him about it. But in the end, Jeremy and Zeus exchanged few  words because they both knew no matter what they were gonna end up fighting.

Zeus and Jeremy fought for years but neither surrendered. One day Zeus created a strange weapon, a weapon that he and his other siblings could use, but Jeremy could not. The weapon was the size of a tropical tree…..YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poseidon’s childrens are giants. Nati and Luis were going around the world creating more beauty in the world until they heard a loud noise. They quickly went back home and saw the fire-like weapon Zeus had created. Nati was shocked at the fact her brother made a weapon to kill her other brother Jeremy., Luis, however, wasn’t shocked at all. Luis in fact wanted a part of killing his evil brother, because he had tried to kill their father.

One day Zeus and Luis finally had a chance. So Zeus distracted Jeremy by starting an argument, and Luis went to stab him through the heart. But Jeremy sensed movement behind him and turned around. He hit Luis, wounding him. Then Jeremy looks at Zeus and said, “YOU TRIED TO KILL ME BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!” Zeus said “Yes brother, for you had tried to kill our father now it’s my job to banish you from this world and send you to the underground!“ Then Zeus hit Jeremy with lightning. Jeremy fell, but the evil forces from below gave him the strength to get up and fight. As Jeremy got up, he created black shadows which are now known as demons. The demons rose with one mission in their mind, to destroy Zeus. They were close to succeeding, but before they could kill Zeus, someone stabbed and killed Jeremy with the secret special weapon Zeus had created. When Jeremy fell, it was Nati who was standing on top of him with the weapon in hand. Zeus was very surprised because Nati had been against killing Jeremy. But he didn’t mention it. He got up and quickly ran to his other brother. Luis was unconscious. Zeus stood above Luis, crying, because there was no sign of life until he heard a voice from the sky telling him to “Grab his hand and focus on the love you shared! “ Zeus did as instructed and grabbed Luis’ hand, and their hands began to glow. Nati joined them too, and at last, Luis woke up. Zeus picked him up and told him “Jeremy’s gone, brother, we have obeyed our father.” Luis was happy and relieved.

Moments later a bright light came from the clouds. It  was their parents, Poseidon and Eve. Eve said “Hello my children, you have gone through this long journey, accomplished challenges and  obeyed us, and now it’s time to take y’all back home “ The three children bowed to show respect . “Rise my children,” Poseidon told them. “There is no need to bow. We are your parents. Come and follow us home and leave this land for the humans who are eventually going to be created.”

Billion of years passed. It’s now June 3rd 2016, and every year on this date people  honor the bravery of the three children: Nati, Luis and Zeus by eating no meat that entire week and every year on October 31 they honor the demonic spirit of Jeremy by sacrificing animals in a Satanic sanctuary.


Woodrow Wilson High School Junior Isaiah Santana really enjoys math, because after he graduates he would like to be in architecture engineering, and in order to be very successful in that particular occupation, you have to be excellent with math. During his free time, Isaiah likes to play football with the neighborhood kids.


How The World Was Made, By Adriana Amador-Chacon


At first there was only empty space and an artist. Her name was Savisa, a large being that spent all her time drawing and painting. She wasn’t fond of anything she made though. Whenever she found it unworthy, she’d crumble her work up and start a new piece. The crumbled pieces would condense from all the pressure in the universe and form into planets and stars.

Eventually she created a piece she was actually proud of. Using her creative powers, she took the drawing from off the paper and made it into an actual being. His name was to be Kaan.

Soon Kaan developed his own personality, which actually annoyed Savisa. Since she wasn’t very fond of him, he spent most of his time wandering through space. Looking at all the old pieces Savisa had created, that were now planets, he thought maybe he could keep one for himself. He began collecting a bunch of planets, hoping he’d find the “perfect one.”

Stumbling upon it by accident, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He knew immediately that this was the planet he’d been looking for. Kaan let go off all the planets he’d previously collected-which remained in groups, I believe they’re called galaxies now. He named his planet Earth after he noticed a few lines on the still condensing piece that seemed to form the word.

Kaan went to Savisa, asking her if he could have some paint for a new important project. Believing that everyone can be an artist and trusting her creation, she gave him every color she had. Every shade, every tone, every tint.

Excited, he hurried back to his Earth. At first he splattered blue and green everywhere. Then came the detail. Using brown, grey, and white to create large masses he’d call mountains. With white and blue he’d make the poles of the earth. The red seemed to signify something hot, heat was dangerous, he’d apply it scarcely across only a few mountains. These would be called volcanoes.

    Kaan spent four days designing his earth, making sure every piece was designed specifically so that each biome would grow properly with the amount of light received from the nearby star, Sun.

    After he’d finished his biomes, Kaan began creating the animals that’d exist in them. The animals were tricky because their sizes and colors varied in correspondence to their biome. But with much patience he was able to create thousands of them. Some flew, some belonged in the blue surrounding the land, some were bound to the earth. All with appetites for different things. Animals that ate only the plants of the earth were called herbivores. The ones that enjoyed the taste of other animals were carnivores and the ones that couldn’t decide on which of the two they liked most were called omnivores.

  And so life went on. Earth was peaceful and complete to Kaan. Very proud of himself for his work, he decided he’d tell Savisa hoping she’d finally appreciate him and be proud of him.

   When he finally found Savisa again she was in the middle of creating another “masterpiece,” called Zepha. The creature was the complete opposite of him, could not create a single piece of art. And yet Savisa loved her, she told Kaan to take Zepha back to his Earth so she can work with him, to teach her the ways of art.

  Back to earth they went. Upset, Savisa didn’t even show an ounce of appeasement for his work. Kaan despised the trip back home.

  Zepha couldn’t learn anything. Her lines were sloppy and she was probably color blind because every color she chose was the opposite of the piece she was trying to recreate. After a couple days Kaan just left her alone to learn for herself, he wasn’t going to spend his time teaching someone he detested. He went to the other side of the earth, as far away as possible from Zepha.

  Two years went by and the two never crossed paths. But one day Kaan noticed some of his animals disappearing. He knew it had to do something with Zepha.

 Apparently, throughout out the two years spent apart she finally learned how to create art. But these creatures were different from any animal Kaan had ever seen. She called them Humans. These creatures were able to build their own shelters and procreated rapidly. They ate all of Kaan’s creations, from his producers to the largest of his animals. Destructive things even fought each other.

   The two argued over the humans. Kaan insisted she’d rid of them, they were gonna destroy his planet, but Zepha was proud of herself and wouldn’t dare to. The argument had gotten to the point where neither would settle their differences. So they decided to take it to Savisa, who they trusted knew best.

   Hearing both sides, Savisa decided they should just destroy earth, it’d give neither of them a reason to argue. But this was something the two artists were not willing to do, they’d grown attached to their home and didn’t think it necessary. So Zepha and Kaan made an agreement; with every animal erased from the earth, a catastrophe would have to take place wiping out a decent amount of humans.

   It was their way of sustaining a sense of balance.


Adriana Amador-Chacon, an 11th grader at Woodrow Wilson High School, is a reader, a visual artist and a writer. Adriana’s  favorite subjects are chemistry and creative writing.