Strong, by Erica Steer

My skin’s richness

Is so strong, it resembles my mom’s,

The temple that carried me for nine months,

She’s so strong.

So strong she made it through bad wishers, who left her heartbroken with blisters.

She’s so strong discrimination ain’t no intimidation.

She’s so strong.

Both her shoulders carry the weight of police brutality, our long history of  agony, low salary, and our kind dying rapidly.

She’s so strong.

Hate crimes ringing in her ear, like the old wind chimes that my gram gram threw away about twenty times Recurring again and again.

The hate of the white man happened then and again.

First it was slavery, then trying to blind us with their fakery.

Now our lives they take crazily, playfully, with no mercy.

But don’t worry.

My mom will be there in a hurry, with her head held high, praying to the most high, fighting for freedom with no fear. Like a wrestler she fights racial hate, with lion-strong faith.

She’s so strong.

So strong

so strong


Fifteen-year-old Erica Steer participates in various sports such as tennis, track and field, also managing a volleyball team. She enjoys taking part in the (JROTC) Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, volunteering, donating to the Ronald McDonald House, mentoring young citizens, reading poems and stories, and writing her own, so she can express her feelings without having any regrets.



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