Inspired by Langston Hughes, students offer their own takes on dreaming:


By Imani Stokes

Do you believe in dreams?

I do!

Dreams are like tattoos

Cause they’re stuck with you forever.

Dreams can make or break you,

Dreams can take you away,

Or take you to the next level!


Be a Dream Chaser

By Hydir Moore


Dreams are reality, they come true

Dream chasing every day like the sky is blue

Ceasing to dream could be a nightmare,

Without me dreaming I could stress and lose hair

I’m a kid who trying to make it out the hood,

One day if I keep dream chasing I could make it

To Hollywood. In the world where it’s very cold

I got big dreams yeah I’m that bold,

Dreamchasing like Bolt,

One day I’ll be an Indy Colt.


Dreams, by Stephanie Orbe


Sleepless nights, eyes puffy and sore

Stayin’ up late,


Tryna get the perfect score


Why do I do it?

Heaven knows.

I gotta be better

I can’t be like those


Meanwhile my eyes are

As dark as a black hole

My brain has so much info,

It’s gonna explode


My body’s a mountain,

My eyes are lakes,

But it’s okay,

It’ll all be worth it,

I’ve finally learned

From my mistakes.




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