BRAVERY, An Original Creation Myth, by Isaiah Santana

In a place where night was day and day was night there was a man named Poseidon and a woman named Eve. They were a married couple. Eve and Poseidon lived on a cloud above the waters and above the strange land that was forbidden. One day Eve was wandering through the forest and she stumbled across a strange but very beautiful flower. The flower had a purplish stem and the petals were pink with white polka dots Eve was very curious, so she touched the flower. Eve went home feeling sick. Poseidon told Eve to rest up. But the next morning she woke up feeling nauseous. Three months passed and her stomach was extremely big and hard. Poseidon was very confused.

Six months passed and Eve gave birth to four children: one girl and three boys. Poseidon named the daughter Nati which means “nature” in Haitian Creole. He named the three boys Zeus, Luis and Jeremy. Poseidon was so scared because he didn’t know how these childrens came out of Eve and he didn’t know what to do with them. So he sent all four of his childrens to the forbidden land below. Years later they grew into mature adults, well, all four of them except Jeremy. Jeremy was very evil. He created the evil in this world: he created volcanoes, demons, thorns and man-eating animals. Nati created the beauty in the world. She created the sunset and all the beautiful plants, like the magnolia flower. Zeus and Luis ended up creating the good in the world too: friendly animals and edible plants, for example, even as the evil brother Jeremy kept creating things like poison ivy and plants that are non-edible.

Poseidon was ashamed of Jeremy. Poseidon treated him like garbage. And so Jeremy created an enormous creature to destroy his father. The creature was very tall, very slimy. The creature’s face was lopsided and the skin was very tough. Zeus eventually found out his brother’s plans and confronted him about it. But in the end, Jeremy and Zeus exchanged few  words because they both knew no matter what they were gonna end up fighting.

Zeus and Jeremy fought for years but neither surrendered. One day Zeus created a strange weapon, a weapon that he and his other siblings could use, but Jeremy could not. The weapon was the size of a tropical tree…..YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poseidon’s childrens are giants. Nati and Luis were going around the world creating more beauty in the world until they heard a loud noise. They quickly went back home and saw the fire-like weapon Zeus had created. Nati was shocked at the fact her brother made a weapon to kill her other brother Jeremy., Luis, however, wasn’t shocked at all. Luis in fact wanted a part of killing his evil brother, because he had tried to kill their father.

One day Zeus and Luis finally had a chance. So Zeus distracted Jeremy by starting an argument, and Luis went to stab him through the heart. But Jeremy sensed movement behind him and turned around. He hit Luis, wounding him. Then Jeremy looks at Zeus and said, “YOU TRIED TO KILL ME BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!” Zeus said “Yes brother, for you had tried to kill our father now it’s my job to banish you from this world and send you to the underground!“ Then Zeus hit Jeremy with lightning. Jeremy fell, but the evil forces from below gave him the strength to get up and fight. As Jeremy got up, he created black shadows which are now known as demons. The demons rose with one mission in their mind, to destroy Zeus. They were close to succeeding, but before they could kill Zeus, someone stabbed and killed Jeremy with the secret special weapon Zeus had created. When Jeremy fell, it was Nati who was standing on top of him with the weapon in hand. Zeus was very surprised because Nati had been against killing Jeremy. But he didn’t mention it. He got up and quickly ran to his other brother. Luis was unconscious. Zeus stood above Luis, crying, because there was no sign of life until he heard a voice from the sky telling him to “Grab his hand and focus on the love you shared! “ Zeus did as instructed and grabbed Luis’ hand, and their hands began to glow. Nati joined them too, and at last, Luis woke up. Zeus picked him up and told him “Jeremy’s gone, brother, we have obeyed our father.” Luis was happy and relieved.

Moments later a bright light came from the clouds. It  was their parents, Poseidon and Eve. Eve said “Hello my children, you have gone through this long journey, accomplished challenges and  obeyed us, and now it’s time to take y’all back home “ The three children bowed to show respect . “Rise my children,” Poseidon told them. “There is no need to bow. We are your parents. Come and follow us home and leave this land for the humans who are eventually going to be created.”

Billion of years passed. It’s now June 3rd 2016, and every year on this date people  honor the bravery of the three children: Nati, Luis and Zeus by eating no meat that entire week and every year on October 31 they honor the demonic spirit of Jeremy by sacrificing animals in a Satanic sanctuary.


Woodrow Wilson High School Junior Isaiah Santana really enjoys math, because after he graduates he would like to be in architecture engineering, and in order to be very successful in that particular occupation, you have to be excellent with math. During his free time, Isaiah likes to play football with the neighborhood kids.


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